How to Build the Perfect Racist State: The Example of Israel

Israel does not want peace, it wants to rid the land of the Palestinians. Jonathan West shows how Israel maintains an illusory interest in peace, yet all its policies say otherwise. The ultimate goal? A land free of Palestinians with a Jewish ultra-majority: The Perfect Racist State.

1. Loudly insist on all possible occasions that they have “no partner for peace”. If the Palestinian leadership is united, then say that they are unfit to be negotiated with because they are terrorists, and if the Palestinian leadership is divided, then say that no negotiations are possible because the other side doesn’t have the power to deliver its end of the bargain.

2. When negotiations with the Palestinians are unavoidable, ensure that the negotiations are strung out for the longest possible time with endless bickering over minor issues, and ensure that the negotiations ultimately fail or are arranged for a delayed or progressive implementation which Israel can then cancel at a whim citing “security concerns”.

3. Keep building further settlements irrespective of any promises made to the Americans or others. Obfuscate the issue by describing new building as “natural growth”, or claiming that new settlements are “illegal” and will be removed in due course. Of course, they hardly ever are, except that occasionally a caravan will be removed from a hilltop with great fanfare.

4. Whip up as much fury among the Palestinian people as possible so that they are so angry at Israel that Palestinian public opinion is made as anti-peace as can be achieved. Publicise all Palestinian anti-peace actions (violent or otherwise) and claim that they show that the Palestinians will never be satisfied with anything less than driving the Jews into the Mediterranean. This can be achieved with routine killings of individual Palestinians by Israeli soldiers for which nobody is ever brought to trial, coupled with occasional larger-scale operations going after “terrorist infrastructure” which in practice end up demolishing key elements of Palestinian civil society. For maximum effect, such larger-scale operations should be timed to occur whenever the pressure to participate in negotiations is rising.

5. Ensure that the Palestinians remain as poor and helpless as possible, by restricting economic activity of all kinds by means of checkpoints, blockades, barriers and other restrictions. In doing so, encourage the emigration of as many Palestinians as possible, and make it as difficult as possible for them ever to return once they have gone.

6. Prevent as far as possible the building of new Palestinian homes or the expansion of Palestinian towns in order to claim that the surrounding land is unused and unwanted by the Palestinians, and therefore can and should be built on by settlers.

7. Whip up hatred among ordinary Israelis by making parallels with the Holocaust at every opportunity, and ensure that Israeli history textbooks include lies suggesting that the flight of the Palestinians during the 1948 war wasn’t an ethnic cleansing carried out under the guns of Israeli forces but was instead a voluntary movement to make way for the advancing Arab armies. Neglect to mention that the best way for a population to assist the advance of a friendly army is to stay put and do what it can to interdict enemy lines of supply and communication.

(Copyright: Jonathan West).


Now delaying any peace initiatives would enable Israel to slowly expulse the Israeli Palestinians who form 21% of the state and are the main obstacle to the establishment of a Racist State with a Jewish majority. It is no news that discrimination against non-jews is rife both in what is now called Israel and the occupied territories, in many cases this amounts to ethnic cleansing. As Reider explains below ethnic cleansing may not necessarily take a bloody path (although that is certainly one of Israel’s strategies – think of the thousands and thousands of Palestinian civilians killed by Israel), but may involve “family-by-family expulsion from “illegal housing” and discriminative economic pressure to emigrate”, precisley the strategies employed against Israeli Palestinians. I can’t help but noticing the similarities between the German exclusion and persecution of Jews after the first world-war and the Israeli exclusion and persecution of non-jews (here arabs/muslims) since 1948.  Should we wait for a second holocaust? Infact the mass murder of Palestinians by Israel is an extended holocaust, but lacking the dramatic and concentrated killing, people are not willing to make this comparison, no doubt, as well, due to ingrained historical guilt that clouds people’s better judgment.

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