A Momentary Lapse of Reason?

The topic of this post concerns the current Egyptian Parliamentary Elections. As you can see in the photo on the left this respectable looking gentleman is calmly placing his ballot card in the ballot box while the similarly inclined observers do what they usually do : observing the whole process. Nothing seems amiss here; a normal democratic election. Now turn your attention to the photo on the right and what you see is a respectable lady (indeed respectable for all humans are, or at least should be treated as such) climbing a ladder, risking breaking a limb for the sole purpose of exercising her constitutional right. Now, two questions pop up. One, I suppose, from you and the other from me. You might ask (only if you are not initiated into the Egyptian notion of elections) why is this lady climbing a ladder to get into the polling station, why can’t she just go through the door ? Ah ! Now it gets very complicated, she can’t get through the door because the police guarding the station have blocked all entrances. But why have they done that ?! (You might exhort) They have done that because they have received instructions to ‘indirectly’ maneuver the result of the election towards a certain candidate. All while maintaing the fairness of the elections, for indeed the problem does not lie in the judges who observe the process ‘inside’ the station, nor in the sifting of the ballot cards, the problem lies outside the station, where the voters are not allowed to pass through the entrance to vote !!!! With your curiosity satisfied I now turn to mine. Why do you think this lady is risking going up this ladder ? Do you think she actually believes that having a certain candidate instead of another will actually change her state of affairs ? Or is it that only death will prevent her from exercising her constitutional right ? Is there more to it ? I can only guess…

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